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Haileybury Early Learning Centres are the start of an exciting and rewarding journey. Children are given new opportunities to explore, discover and grow together while developing their unique capabilities and a love for learning. They understand that the early years of learning are a time for exploration and for the initial development of core skills. They draw on the Early Years Learning Framework to deliver a range of educationally inspiring ELC programs. Their play-based curriculum combines appropriate tasks and teaching strategies to sustain each child’s engagement and develop their individual creativity, social skills, emotional wellbeing, higher-order thinking skills and sense of belonging. An immersive suite of play-based activities includes Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Social Thinking, Inclusion and Diversity, Child Safety, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultural perspectives. Each Early Learning Centre provides spacious indoor and outdoor environments, with natural play areas inviting young learners to explore and discover as they build their curiosity, confidence and competence. Children are encouraged in independent and group play and our experienced educators use early childhood learning strategies to provide support and guidance as children progress their learning journey. Haileybury's highly experienced and qualified educators develop strong relationships with families and their children, shaped by meaningful engagement and based on our values. Educators spend time getting to know each child's interests and learning dispositions while recognising the importance of working in partnership with families as their child's first educator. They aim for children and families to have a genuine sense of belonging and take pride in creating welcoming, safe and inclusive ELC environments.

Google Reviews (4.4 / 5.0 - 13 reviews)

Linda Lim (5 months ago)

My son is currently attending his second year of ELC here and he loves it. The educators are absolutely amazing, fun, supportive and caring. The facilities are spacious and playful, and the kids are provided with a wide variety of educational, sporting, craft and social activities. We are truly grateful to see our son thrive and grow in such a beautiful and nurturing environment.

Shirley Xia (5 months ago)

Our daughter started ELC there five days a week in 2021 at “Reception S”. Due to her young age, we retained her in the same class for another year in 2022. Over the last year plus four months this year in 2022, the confidence and trust we developed with the ELC thus far is great! We trust the staff crew there. They are truly caring and professional. Everyday we send daughter there with trust that our kid is in good care - she’s learning new skills and building confidence throughout a variety of creative activities and programs. We are now sending our son there next year 2023.

Lauren Stephens (5 months ago)

My son started at ELC this year and the change we have seen in him in such a short time has been incredible. The engagement and enrichment that the program provides him is beyond what we could have imagined. There are lots of specialist activities in addition to the classroom program. Every day he is challenged and encouraged to explore and learn more - and he comes home excited to tell us what he has done that day. The staff are exceptional and really take the time to get to know the students and we are so thankful for the regular updates, feedback and support that we get from them. We couldn’t be happier that our son is at Newlands ELC.

Emily Anderson (5 months ago)

My son began Pre-Prep at Haileybury Newlands at the beginning of 2022. He absolutely loves it, and we could not be happier with his progress. The educators are exceptional - both in literacy and numeracy, and specialist subjects like music, movement and drama. Such a wonderful, caring early learning centre, supporting the individual needs of every child.

Penny Wheeler (5 months ago)

Both my children have been through Haileybury ELC. The teachers are exceptional, they are so kind, nurturing and have a way of getting the best out of every child both academically and emotionally. My children have learnt Chinese, drama, movement (sport), music, library, tools to manage emotional regulation, the environment, cultures, cooking, fostering friendships, literacy and numeracy and the list goes on. The facilities are beautiful, well maintained with a natural interior and a large playground for the pre preps where kids can be kids and have lots of fun. The school is wonderful at keeping parents informed with their ELC app where we are told about what our children have learnt in the week or what is happening socially. Highly recommended.

Vivien Ta (5 months ago)

My older child has been through both the reception and pre-prep program and now my younger is in his second year at this center. I can honestly say the educators are great, the center is clean and safe and they have a great program that supports learning in a fun and nurturing environment. I would recommend anyone considering Haileybury ELC to take a tour and see it for yourself.

Melanie Murphy (5 months ago)

Wonderful ELC with dedicated teachers who want the best for your children. The curriculum exceeds current Victorian and Australian Legislation. I would 110% recommend sending your child here.

Ethan Nash (5 months ago)

It’s incredible how every single kid is so excited to be at ELC. Caring and dedicated teachers and staff provide an amazing environment for kids to learn, be social, and develop friendships. They learn so well.

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